At home with the Pawsons: the architect and his family's Cotswold farm

As the pandemic hit the architect John Pawson and his wife Catherine moved to their newly converted farm in the Cotswolds with their sons. Fifteen months later they are all still there, and a new book 'Home Farm Cooking' documents their first year in rural England
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Gilbert McCarragher
Gilbert McCarragher

Does this signify a change of direction in John Pawson’s minimalist aesthetics? John Pawson, barefoot in his signature fawn Chinos and crisp white shirt, says, 'no, I don’t see it as that. I always wanted to experience Home Farm in its entirety so I leave the doors open to the outside. I like padding around and sitting on my own and seeing the light. People still ask, "Have you just moved in? And where is the art?" But seeing the walls as unbroken white space gives me pleasure. It changes the perception of space.'

The Pawson’s new book called *’Home Farm Cooking’*celebrates everything that these metropolitan Londoners have learned about country living. Original recipes sensibly – and lyrically, too - celebrate the seasons.

'It’s all Catherine’s work although I am quite good at eating it,' John says. Twenty years earlier he put his hedonistic delight in food and drink into a cookbook called “Living and Eating Well” with chef Annie Bell. This time around it is Catherine’s approach.

All the values of country living can be seen in Home Farm: the use of honest materials, the ordered way of life linked to the changing seasons, the good feeling that comes off places where people are generously fed and cherished.

Find a selection of recipes from 'Home Farm Cooking' here.