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Garden design ideas


What is chaos gardening and should we all be trying it?

This gardening trend is one for the rulebreakers – and anyone wanting to help the environment

How to make a small garden feel bigger

In an extract from Your Outdoor Room, award-winning garden designer Manoj Malde reveals tricks of the trade that can help even the most compact urban plots seem much more spacious

The most common garden design mistakes – and how to avoid them

Garden designer Lottie Delamain considers the mistakes gardeners are most likely to make when planning a new garden, and advises on how to avoid them
Planting Advice

The 11 garden design apps you need to know

These are the very best garden design apps to help you plan your garden digitally, from landscaping help to plant identification

Now is the time to plant topiary - here's how to get it right

How to make topiary look tremendous – and, crucially, not twee

How to create a natural swimming pond in your garden

Think wild swimming, but in your back garden – what more could you want? We spoke to Tim Evans of Gartenart about how to create a natural swimming pond in your garden

A brief history of the walled garden and why they're a gardener's dream

Whether you've inherited a walled garden in need of some love, or want to create your own, this is what you need to know

How to plant a Mediterranean garden

Drought-tolerant Mediterranean gardens are both beautiful and sustainable, the perfect option for a sunny spot. Lottie Delamain explains the advantages and sets out a planting scheme to copy