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Building and renovating

The dos and don'ts of kitchen design

We've gone through the House & Garden archives to pull together the ultimate list of what to do – and what not to do – when it comes to designing a kitchen

Introducing Sarah Peake's new column on her very own house renovation

The founder of Studio Peake has been renovating her own house in Fulham from top to bottom, and is sharing her insights and secret sources with House & Garden readers. Here, she introduces the project and explains why she is her own worst client

What I'd do differently: stylish people on what they'd do if they could redecorate their houses again

From too-safe colour schemes to vintage taps, 11 creatives tell us what they’d change about their home, with hindsight

Dear Fiona: my new house is making me utterly miserable, and so is the renovation I’ve embarked on

House & Garden's friendly resident decorating columnist and agony aunt Fiona McKenzie Johnston advises on how to keep your morale up when you're mid-renovation and hating it, or finding that your new ‘dream house’ is in fact your hell. Got a question for Fiona? Email

Things I wish I'd known before I did a loft extension

Considering extending up into the eaves? Let these seasoned loft converters help you not make the same mistakes they did…

How much does it cost to build a house?

As the housing market goes from crisis to crisis, perhaps building our own homes is more appealing than ever?

How do you retain the soul of an historic house when renovating?

Lessons in restoring, renovating and decorating from those who have skilfully achieved both

Things I wish I'd known before I started my bathroom renovation

Learn from the experiences (and the mistakes) of people who have been there, done that.

Why you should accept that your house will probably never be finished

They say that going slow and steady wins the race, but when it comes to renovating, can we say the same? Fiona McKenzie Johnston explores the positives of taking a house renovation slowly – and embracing its “never quite finished” state

Things I wish I'd known before I started a house renovation

Been-there, done-that renovators share their experience of delays, panic-buying, poor planning and overspending (and how to avoid all of those things)

Things I wish I'd known before I started my kitchen renovation

A kitchen is one of the biggest expenses in a home, so it’s important to get it right. 12 creatives share the lessons they’ve learned
Decorating Advice

How to live in the chaos of a renovation project

Fiona McKenzie Johnston, who has recently moved to a Victorian 'wreck' in Hastings, advises on how to make the best of living amid extensive renovations
How To

A first time renovator shares her pearls of wisdom

Nadine Bacchus-Garrick – better known as the mind behind Instagram account @rona_renovation – has been renovating her house for over a year; here, she shares the lessons learnt along the way for anyone about to undertake a similar project